Early stage researchers

“Hi! My name is Sonya Ciulean and I joined the Fraunhofer IZI in Leipzig as a Marie Curie Fellow on the MATURE NK consortium in February 2019. I am originally from Romania and did my studies in Bucharest where I majored in Veterinary Medicine. I began transitioning from the clinics to the lab during my studies by doing volunteer work in a research institution. In research, I found different ways to apply my medical knowledge and skills and to build upon the excitement of learning how things work. This was driven by the thought that the research being done is leading to the development of treatments meant to aid certain afflictions. Today, I work with the same enthusiasm on developing CAR-NK cell therapies for solid tumors like head and neck cancer. When I am not busy in the lab, I like to spend my time outdoors biking and hiking. Taking care of my plants and drawing is where I find my peace, going to concerts and art exhibitions is where I get my fuel.”